Ashley Graham has been crowned the ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’

Ashley Graham has officially been crowned ‘World’s Sexist Woman’.

The model graced the cover of Maxim in nude lingerie and a matching ribbed robe, ranking in first place on the magazine’s ‘Hot 100’ for its May/June 2023 issue.

During her career, the mum of three has become a huge advocate for body positivity and self-love while breaking the mould in the fashion industry for being a plus-size model.

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“We can look at everybody’s shapes and sizes, gender, ethnicity, and age as part of who they are; it doesn’t have to be a negative or a positive,” she told the outlet during her cover shoot.

“It should be something that’s easily embraced, and we don’t need to be having these conversations all the time. Our bodies are always changing, and they’re always evolving.

“I’ve been using my own body as a tool to be able to talk about these feelings.”

Over the past few years, the 35-year-old has appeared in many publications, including Vogue, Glamour, Elle UK, Style Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Sports Illustrated.

Beyond modelling, Graham has also launched her own podcast titled Pretty Big Deal, where she invites high-profile guests on the show to discuss their careers and success.

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Last year, the model made headlines for shutting down a journalist who accused her of spearheading the ‘fat positive’ movement.

According to the Independent, Sameera Khan, a former Miss New Jersey, who describes herself as an ‘anti-woke journalist’ said in a since-deleted tweet: “The fat positivity movement is getting out of hand.”

Along with the tweet, Khan attached two images of Graham.

However, the beauty clapped back in the most sensational fashion, tweeting a photo of herself in a gold cut-out dress with the caption: “Quote tweet this with a photo of you taking ‘fat positivity’ too far. I’ll start.”

Many rallied behind her while posting images of them embracing their curves and cellulite, as one person wrote: “With that being said, fat liberation>>>>body positivity.”

Another commented: “The curvier I get, the more I love my curves.”

While a third said: “I’ve struggled since adolescence with those demons that tell me I’m too big, too fat. I’ve chased every fad diet, had a trainer, exercised, gained and lost and gained my body weight a couple [of] times over. I got rid of [the] full-length mirror bc I’m happier not obsessing. Curves are OK.”

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