Dua Lipa having a sunbath in her nice ʙικιɴι with orange flowers and different colors in the shore of a lake

Before classifying his ex-wife Kyle and text categorization the photo, “I’d believe we did wonderfully well.”

In the first video, she posed sensually on her side, her black hair tied in a sleek design chignon. She also wore thin earrings, dark green fingers, and just a slim gold chain all over her hips.

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She submerged her toes in the water whereas coiling her up in the 2nd photograph. The third image shows a similar of her delicate sleek and modern tats.

In the 3rd image, she enters the lagoon while 2 friends stand there next to her. The 4th images show Dua and one of her pals lying on their rear ends on a white towel, whilst final image shows this other friend almost certain to step into the ocean.

As per The Daily Mail, she is accompanied by friends Rosie Viva, Rae Ann Hayden, and her trainer Annie Moves.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the “Floating away” singer on media platforms wearing a tiny flowers ʙικιɴι. On her sister Rina Lipa’s birthday about a week ago, she published a soulful tribute.

The 2 faced in their bathing suits in the incredibly cute articles, with Dua wearing a yellow ʙικιɴι top with a flowery hardcopy.

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