From the photo breathes good! Kate showed how she brеastfeeds her one yearold daughter

The American star showed how he breastfeeds the little heiress. Kate was pictured on the veranda of her home. The model covered her naked breast and her daughter’s face with a pink heart. She remains a free woman.

Lately, Upton has been increasingly addressing the topic of motherhood and the difficulties young mothers face. According to the girl, what upsets her the most is society’s attitude, which demands that a woman who has recently given birth immediately get back in shape. The star herself faced similar harassment.

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Such an attitude is heartless and has nothing to do with reality. Every woman has her own body that needs her own time. The demands of others only increase psychological pressure,” Kate assured.

She clarified that immediately after giving birth, she tried to force herself to start going to the gym and follow a healthy diet. These attempts were not successful and brought the model to a stressful state.

Now the star is enjoying motherhood and is not chasing the desired parameters of the figure. “Just be in the moment, don’t force yourself to do what others tell you.

Their opinion is not important, and your soul balance should come first,” said the model in her Instagram (Social network recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation).

Fans admired the publication of the idol. Many have noted that the star plays the role of a mother very well. “Kate, every word is in an apple. Well done for bringing up this topic”,

“You are very strong and wise mom. You will become a good example for baby Genevieve”, “How beautiful you are with her. А от фото веет добром”, — commented the followers.

Recently, Upton admitted that the process of breastfeeding her daughter left her last strength. The star took part in a photo shoot for the gloss, which was not photoshopped afterwards. During the Venice Film Festival, Kate appeared on the red carpet in an elegant dress with a deep neckline.

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