Her Sunbathes In a little orange suit On Current Portofino pictures photograph

Dua Lipa has already been nailing it in the ʙικιɴι department recently, and she won’t surprise Rome with a little yellow-orange two-piece!

The year wore the sшiмsυit while sunbathing with pals in Genoa, Italy on Friday, April 28. She appeared to be completely at ease

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as she glanced through her pink-covered phone on a pool chaise lounge, evidently loving the hot Greek air.

She got back up a place at a single point and put on a fluorescent pink enormous collared shirt as a hide, as well as a pair of black combat boots in the westernized.

On top, she wore a retro set of pink glasses that complemented her stacking earring and necklace, as well as the black leather handbag, which had a ‘nineties vibe.

On her last Genoa vacation, the “Cutest Pie” artist appeared to be wearing a lot of ʙικιɴιs. She wore an inter pink, yellow, and orange tie-versions of a swim top the next day,

June 29, when visiting the old hamlet. With a loose-fitting pink backpack trouser that looked to be constructed from the same cloth as her open collar of May 28,

she remained faithful to her love of neon. Dua replaced the top with a breezy emerald jacket that displayed off her studded body necklace rather than sporting them as a pair.

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