Jen showed up ɴaκed for an imроrtant рremiere. Here is a woman!

Jen showed up ɴaκed for an imроrtant рremiere. Here is a woman!

Last night, Jennifer Lopez attended the Shotgun Wedding premiere and looked stunning in a translucent dress coated in glitter and a huge yellow bow. I’m just going to plunge right in from every angle: I mean, STUNNING. However, J.Lo changed into a short silver gown for the after-party, where she hung out with her husband Ben Affleck and her co-stars (including Jennifer Coolidge, star of a future Oscar-winning movie about dolphins).

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J.Lo sent fans some behind-the-scenes footage from the party, including shots of Ben Affleck kissing her and making a funny face for the camera. It seems like she had a great night.

Watch J.Lo’s musings in the video down below “There are many people present, and we are having a nice time. I’m unable to read anything right now, but I still adore you guys. I suggest you watch this comedy in a theater with other people. I adore you guys, and I’m grateful. We’ll continue to communicate online.”

J.Lo and Ben are presently celebrating their first year of marriage. In a recent appearance with the Today Show, she talked about mixing their families, adding, “We moved in together. Together, the children moved in. It has been a very emotional shift while also being the realization of all of your dreams. And this year has simply been amazing.

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