Jennifer Lopez Stuns in a Green String Bikini That’s Pretty Much Made of Money

So, Jennifer Lopez just blessed everyone’s timeline with an end-of-year recap, which went by kinda annoyingly fast but included a gorgeous shot of her wearing a green string bikini. And not just any bikini, kay? According to the sleuths @stylejlo, J.Lo’s wearing the Jean Paul Gaultier Banknote Print Halterneck Bikini Top, the theme of which is literally wealth.


And good news if you’re in the mood to channel J.Lo’s vibes: It’s currently available for €140.

Don’t mind if I do.

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In case you missed it, J.Lo spent the holiday season with Ben Affleck and their blended family, and she wrote an entire newsletter about their hummingbird themed (lol, k) Christmas party. Ahem:

“I wrote a song called ‘Hummingbird’ for my new album, This Is Me…Now. To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love. They’re very agile—can fly forward, backward, and up and down. They’re also the fastest bird but they always have time to stop, eat something sweet and smell the roses. I identify with them, but more than anything, whenever I see one, I feel like it’s a sign from God that everything is going to be OK. So, I decided this year that the hummingbird would be a perfect theme. We have blended families, doubled the people, doubled the fun, doubled the love, doubled the presents and tripled the chaos!!…I wanted to have a tree in the house that was a hummingbird tree, reminding us that everything done in love and with love will always be OK.”

Cute! Now off to buy that bikini top. Nothing like kicking off 2023 by pushing my poor credit card to its limit. 🙂

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