Julia Roberts in Daisy Dukes and a Sеху Swimming costume While acting in a waitied Movie

While videoing her previous movie. The icon wore a pair of limit values and an eco-friendly another swimming costume to the shoreline for some few sights.

It would be a no to “leave beside” if Julia Roberts is going to wait when you’re on the beach. She , 54, went camping to shoot a scene for her new Netflix movie , and elizabeth in nicely for the storms.

The Pretty Woman actress wore a low-cut olive clean 1 -piece bathing suit, a royal blue protracted shirt (as a protection), and a couple of cutoff tracksuit bottoms. She was in the “Dorothy Duke” black jeans while acting moments with Ethan H.

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but also Ch. Stevens, allowing her to display off her astonishingly toned legs. She was dressed in
She has been seen acting the movie in playmaker.

She 51, acted out a spectacle with Ethan, 51, at the Smithtown, N y set while going to wear this very same dropdown box, eyewear, and cargo pants.

Her garment had previously been zipped, and photos from the shoot started showing her concealing with a laterally hat. This time, she flaunted her costume – and every centimeter of her forearms.

The film based on Rumaan Alam’s cnovel.Per the Deadline, it’s a “tells the story of 2 households, visitors to others.

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