Keke Palmer Took 10 Pregnancy Tests to Confirm Her Pregnancy

Keke Palmer found out she was pregnant in a very unconventional way: through someone else (not like a rando, it was her partner Darius Jackson, but still).

The Nope actress revealed how it all went down on her podcast Baby, This is Keke Palmer recently, and it’s such a good story, TBH.

“It’s so funny because how I found out was actually Darius,” she said (via People).

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“Randomly I was just feeling to myself, maybe I could be pregnant. Like the period thing didn’t even happen yet. Maybe this is the time.”

She continued, “So I took the test and it came back negative … I didn’t have the lines on there, so I just threw it in the trash.”

Palmer then left the house, but later received a text from her boyfriend, which included a pic of the test—which was now positive.

“I didn’t wait long enough!” she explained. “And I’m like, ‘I took that earlier today, like literally just some hours before I left out.’ And he said, ‘Well, you better get to be drinking water in your sight. Cause I’m buying 10 of these things right now. You take them all when you get home.'”

Now, in case you have some questions about how Jackson came to find a discarded pregnancy test, don’t worry: He explained everything.

“I was not digging in the trash can… the cleaning lady, she just emptied out the trash,” he said. “So, when I went to the bathroom, I only just see one item inside the trash and it was the pregnancy test. Then I just see the line and it was not even faint. It was actually a very thin line, solid straight.”

Jackson then lived his best “rom-com movie” life by buying all the pregnancy tests he could find in a local branch of Target.

He further explained, “We had them lined up. I had like, two, three bottles of water ready for Keke when she came back, drinking a bunch of water. And then during the next two hours, [the tests] just kept [being] positive, positive, positive, positive.”

The legend that is Keke Palmer announced her pregnancy while hosting Saturday Night Live back in December, by opening her coat during her monologue to reveal her baby bump, per NBC.

Palmer and Jackson have been together since 2021, according to People.

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