Micro shorts and see through T shirt! 65 year old Sharon on a walk struck passers by with her appearance

The film “Basic Instinct”, after which Sharon Stone topped the ratings of the sеxiest actresses on the planet, was released more than 30 years ago – in 1992.

But even now, the star remains at the top of the list of the most beautiful and desirable stars – despite her age.

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Yes, Stone can no longer be called a young girl. But thanks to her beauty secrets, she will give odds to both her peers and younger celebrities.

At the same time, unlike most star beauties of any age, Stone’s sеx symbol status is not very interesting. She doesn’t go out of her way to look young and sexy, like Madonna, her age, for example.

But paradoxically, it overshadows everyone around. At least when it comes to red carpets. What about ordinary life?

The network is now discussing the latest photos of the paparazzi, who managed to capture the actress on a walk.

The usual thin T-shirt that was translucent in the light, short khaki shorts were the simplest things, but Stone looked beyond praise in them. Or not? The opinions of the fans were divided.

Some felt that Stone looks amazing. A slender figure, a radiant smile and incredible charisma that comes from a star make you forget about her age. But others disagreed.

In their opinion, at the age of 65 it is already worth wearing more closed clothes. Indeed, from the signs of aging, no matter how you work out in the gym and do not go to beauticians, you can’t hide anywhere.

By the way, recently Stone talked about her secrets of maintaining a figure.

“During the lockdown, I started to come up with different sets of exercises that I did at home. I think the most important exercise is the squat. If you do squats every day, it will really change your whole body, ”she said.

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