Narrow threads! 60 yearold Demi sunbathing in a little swimsսit

Narrow threads! 60 yearold Demi sunbathing in a little swimsսit

The star of “Striptease” impressed Internet users with her figure.

It’s no secret to Demi Moore’s fans that she is desperately afraid of old age. That is why she became a real fan of plastic.

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Many believe that the star is too actively trying to preserve youth, and practically does not leave cosmetology clinics. Moreover, sometimes the result of interventions looks very strange.

For example, the incredibly sunken cheeks of a star at the Fendi show a couple of years ago were discussed by the whole world. However, after that, the actress did not stop. It seems that because of the constant braces and injections, her mouth and eyes no longer close.

But the star has been working on her body herself, without any surgeons, and for many years in a row. Even during the filming of the film “Striptease”, she said that she trained 6-7 hours a day, and now she devotes at least 2-3 hours to physical activity, working out with a trainer.

In addition, the actress supports her body with proper nutrition, consisting of organic natural products: vegetables, fruits, juices, smoothies and soups. The diet is balanced with greens, sprouted nuts and seeds. By the way, no star food is cooked at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.

That is, it is not boiled or fried, but simply warmed up.The result is obvious: 60-year-old Demi showed such a body in a revealing swimsսit that even young supermodels can envy.

An elastic bust, slender smooth hips, a completely flat stomach – Internet users bombarded the star with compliments. And, I must say, they are well deserved.

It’s no surprise that the men are hovering around Moore. Recall that on the eve of the 60th anniversary, Demi left her ex-lover, chef, Michelin star owner Daniel Hamm. According to insiders, the actress got bored with him and wanted to move on.

But she quickly started a new romance – however, who is this handsome man, with whom Demi was filmed several times on a date, the paparazzi have not yet been able to reveal.

Well, despite her age and sometimes unsuccessful plastic surgery, she attracts men like a magnet. And even the former cannot forget her for a very long time.

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