Only transparent tulle on her! Ashley in the nսde is crazy

Only transparent tulle on her! Ashley in the nսde is crazy

In 2023, the star plump managed to lose up to 90 kilograms.

Ashley Graham is one of the most famous plus size models.

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Previously, Graham simply showed off tight and rather revealing outfits, not taking into account the comments of the haters about her excess weight.

And after she became a mother twice, she began to show subscribers more physiological videos. For example, she shot close-ups of her stretch marks and breastfeeding.

Ashley does not see anything shameful in this, believing that all this is part of a woman’s life and is quite natural. Despite the fact that the model is the owner of rather magnificent forms, a couple of months ago she managed to lose weight.

Now Graham’s weight does not exceed 90 kilograms, and the star’s dresses have become even more tight and sеxy.

Now Ashley has gone further, showing her changed body in the nude. The model went to a photo shoot, where, covering the piquant places with a fabric similar to tulle, she took a frank pose lying on her side.

The star plumper looked very impressive in this image, and many noted how seductive her forms now look.

“Sеxy and seductive beauty”, “Real nymph”, “Everything is good in this image, except for the curtains”, “Looks seductive”, “Ashley is a real beauty”, “How I like her hips. Directly crazy”, “Everything is good in this image, except for the curtains in which she wrapped herself,” said Internet users.

Many are interested in how Ashley manages to maintain chiseled features, despite the fact that she has a rather curvaceous figure. Turns out there are some secrets.

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