Rosalía Reveals Her RR Tattoo Is For Husband or he is only her boyfriend read the article to know that

Rosalía has officially handled the rumors about one of her piercings. The singer emerged on the Spanish chat show El Tortuguero to launch her latest album, Motomami.

Rosacea used her visit to reveal which of her piercings. Rosacea has officially addressed the rumors about one of her piercings.

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The singer emerged on the Spanish chat program. Rosacea used her presence to reveal which of her piercings held the greatest inherent worth for her, there’s a real love tale to it.

The Spaniard acknowledged that “everything else” was in allusion to her engagement to Puerto musician and musician Raw Alejandro.

“It hurt like hell since I did this with no painkillers.” “I informed him, ‘I’m getting your initial tatted since it’s also mine,’” the actress revealed. As a result, “RR” stands for Raw + Rosana.

Rosana’s tattooing was finished in honor of their present love, according to fans, but her presence is the first official word.

Rosacea and Raw, whose true name is Ran Antonio, made their relationship public on Instagram about a day back, according to humans.

They’ve been in several accounts showing with each other after then.

They just viewed a sweet slideshow of networking pics to commemorate love’s Week. He described a pic of the 2 as “my inspiration.”

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