Salma Hayek: My brєasts keep growing ‘a lot’ — but they’re natural

When life gives you melons, you may have to explain to the public that they’re not fake.

Salma Hayek has gone on the record to say that yes, her brєαsts are real — but she can undєrstand why fans might think otherwise.

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“A lot of people said that I had brєαst augmentation. I don’t blame them! My bσσbs were smaller! So was the rest of my body,” the 54-year-old actress said Wednesday on “Red Table Talk,” the Facebook Watch series Jada Pinkett Smith co-hosts with her daughter, Willow Smith, and mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Her growth, however, is all natural. Hayek explained that it happened significantly during life changes like pregnancy, menopause and periods of weight gain.

“For some women, they get smaller. But there are some women that when you gain weight, your bσσbs grow, and other women that when you have children and you brєαstfeed your bσσbs grow and they don’t go back down, and then in some of the cases when you are in menopause, they grow again,” she said. “I just happen to be one of those women that it happened in every single step! When I gain weight, when I got pregnant and when I am in menopause.”

While her brєαsts “just kept growing,” she said it’s been a pain.

Salma Hayek’s ‘Bσσbs’ are getting their own TV show — sort of “Many, many sizes. And my back has been really suffering from it,” she said. “And not a lot of people talk about this.”

While the H๏τ flashes and emotional intensity of menopause are often talked about, Hayek noted that the brєαst growth came as a surprise.

“I’ll tell you what they don’t tell you. The bσσbs grow — a lot,” said Hayek, who recently announced an HBO Max project about talking menopausal bσσbs.

Getting older, though, has also taught the entertainer that stereotypes about women expiring when they hit a certain age are a completely destructive narrative.

“There’s no expiration dates for women. That has to go. Because you can kick ᴀss at any age. You can hold your own at any age, you can dream at any age, you can be romantic at any age,” she said. “We have the right to be loved for who we are at the place that we are. We’re not just here to make babies, we’re not just here to baby the men. We’re not just here to service everything and everyone around us.”

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