SANDRA BULLOCK Is A Disloyal Wife!

Sandra Bullock is a disloyal wife. Even after Jesse James was guilted by the Zionist media into issuing that ridiculous public apology for exercising his Allah given right as a man to pillage any woman’s vijeen he wants, Sandra still has not resumed her role at his side and instead moved out of his house in Long Beach.

When Jesse purchased Sandra from her father for a dowry I imagine consisted of a fair amount of goats since she is a useful working woman in the movies, she swore to be his loyal servant for all his days and then when he passes to take her own life on top of his grave so that her body will decompose and serve as fertilizer for the flowers placed there.

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However, now Sandra Bullock is using this Jesse James plowing some whore story to forsake her wifely obligations. I don’t see why Sandra should be upset at all. Last time I checked she was the only wife in Jesse James harem. How much attention does one woman need!?!

I think it is about time Jesse James maned up and tracked down Sandra, smacked her around, and dragged her back to his home. He may also considering taking her clit for humiliating him with this public temper tantrum.

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