The most beautiful Italian! Monica without a brа charmed fans

The 58-year-old actress starred in a revealing dress without underwear. Monica Bellucci wished the fans a Happy New Year.
The star of the films “Malena” and “Po mlecnomu puti” expressed an attitude towards the past and the coming years.

On the eve of the holiday, Monica made it clear that she considers 2022 to be tragic. The artist published a black and white photo. She shot in profile, with closed eyes.

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And today Bellucci assured that she expects positive changes from the coming year. She posed with a gentle smile in a flowered dress. The movie star refused the bra. “I wish everyone a happy New Year 2023,” Monika wrote on her blog.

The picture delighted the fans of the artist. “Happy New Year, beautiful! Continue to become more stunning!”, “Happy New Year to the most beautiful Italian woman in the world!”,  “God, you’re damn gorgeous! Stunning beauty!” — verified followers.

Bellucci was married twice. In 1990 she married the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso. However, after four years, they divorced.

On the set of the film “Kvartira” Monica met the French actor Vincent Cassel. They got married in 1999. From him, Bellucci gave birth to two daughters – Deva and Leoni.

In August 2013, the actors divorced. After that, Vincent married model Tina Kunaki. They are raising a little daughter. And Monica remains a free woman.

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