This is amazing see her wearing a Great American Twinkle Swimming swimsuit

She is on the newest swimsuit design from her Great American apparel line. In a recent Facebook post she published as,

Of May 14, the thair star sat in a purple bikini with a complementing lengthy crewneck sweater.

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She wore her white hair split to one side & complemented with huge silver gold earrings as she bent her face in the photo.

The model also wore attractive makeup, including a bright blush that went wonderfully with her ensemble. Her makeup and mascara were flawless,

and her abs were all on full show. “Twinkle Swim, Link in Bio,” Khloe wrote on Instagram, tagging Good American’s Instagram in the process.

Her admirers were quick to respond in the comments section with their views on the photo. “Wow,” one said succinctly but powerfully.

“Koko, you’re a legend,” said, while a third added red love emoticons and said, “Amazing abs.” Some just left a slew of cardio emoticons.

Some just left a slew of cardio emoticons. She made waves recently for displaying off her mother Kris Jagger’s property in the latest season of Netflix’s The Royals.

During the trip, the model wore a black leotard and was accompanied by her grandma Mary Jo & childhood friend Faye Mitchel.

She raved about the “table, the frills,” and “the small cocktail table!” among the spectacular home’s amenities.

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