US Elite Unit MH-47G Chinook Helicopter Found to Use 45+ Year Old Components

MH-47G Chinook is one of the most advanced tactical helicopters in its class. Previously, well-known European media explained surprising things with the MH-47G helicopter, which often used components that were more than 45 years old,” wrote on July 15, 2022. With this explanation, the MH-47G Chinook often uses components that are more than 45 years old and very old. But it is shown if the MH-47G Chinook has special modifications throughout the body.

What was informed on the page on August 9, 2020, one of the special modifications to the MH-47G Chinook was the extendable refueling probe. With the extendable refueling probe, the MH-47G Chinook is capable of refueling in the air. As a result, the MH-47G Chinook is capable of long-range cruising and is able to support long-distance operations. In addition, the helicopter then this defense equipment must have a very expensive price.

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Quoted from, for 6 units of the MH-47G Chinook Block 2 variant, the US Army ordered as much as USD 195 million from Boeing. And it is suspected that the purchase of the MH 47G Chinook helicopter ordered by the US Army to Boeing is complete. It should be noted that the MH-47G Chinook itself is a heavy transport defense system that has unusual specifications. Quoted from, the quality of the MH-47G Chinook is equipped with various special technologies. This is evidenced by the high resolution camera on the front of the MH 47G Chinook helicopter.

Later the camera can be used to spy on the landing/invasion location of the MH-47G Chinook. So the MH-47G Chinook pilot can find out whether the location is safe for troops to land from the surveillance camera. Not to mention that the camera on the MH-47G Chinook can be used in all kinds of weather, day and night. In addition, the MH-47G Chinook is equipped with SPIES and FRIES systems to facilitate quick pick-up extraction. Meanwhile, the MH 47G Chinook helicopter can carry more than 26 troops. Of the many troops, they can still load a small boat and a limited number of motorbikes and ATVs on the MH-47G Chinook. From these capabilities, the MH-47G Chinook is also paired with an ECCM system for anti-jamming. Not only an antidote to jamming but to overcome missile attacks, the MH-47G Chinook also has a flare and chaff system.

With this array of advanced technologies, the MH-47G Chinook makes it superior in various combat operations. It is explained that the MH-47G Chinook has an integrated digital general avionics architecture system. It is evident that the MH-47G Chinook has a cockpit enabling the integration of global communications and navigation systems. This includes the FLIR system and multi-mode radar on the MH-47G Chinook. The MH-47G Chinook can enable low-level flight in conditions of low visibility and inclement weather.

The cockpit of the MH-47G Chinook also houses a digital moving map display. And a dual digital data and inertial doppler navigation system is on the MH-47G Chinook. For this reason, the MH-47G Chinook has an automatic target hand-off system and makes it sophisticated. And the MH-47G Chinook system has an on-board communication system including high frequency (HF) radio. That’s why a single channel ground and air radio system is on board the MH-47G Chinook.

As a result the VHF ultra high frequency and IFF transponder strength tracking system has the MH-47G Chinook. And the inter-digital communication system (DICS) is in the flagship feature of the MH-47G Chinook. The MH-47G Chinook helicopter is powered by two Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines. With this machine, it can produce a maximum power output of 3,529kW each.

The engine equipped with the MH-47G Chinook has infrared (IR) exhaust silencers. Later the MH-47G Chinook exhaust which has IR can reduce the helicopter’s IR visibility. With these advantages, the MH-47G Chinook has the capacity to carry 7,828 liters of fuel. As a result, the MH-47G Chinook has a maximum speed of 315km/h. With this maximum speed, the radius of the MH-47G Chinook can reach 630km in one flight.

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