Would you ever think Megan Fwill ever have bright hair she died her them for the role in Johnny and Clyde

Initially, it was not obvious why, so accidentally she decided to die her hair and become light blonde, in fact this new color suits her very much but it was so interesting why took that decision,

she first tried to explain it as just a sudden desire to have a new look which would be fresh.

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The role for which she died her hair is intriguing, she is going to be a part of mafia. The min theme of the film is taken from Bonny and Clyde, with some changed aspects.

Megan will take the role of Alana, a criminal mastermind who runs a thriving casino that must compete with Johnny and Clyde.

Megan is going to wear a Lawanda bra with skinny trousers in this first look at the movie, implying that someone who is a gang leader and company owner necessitates a great outfit.

She sits in a pleasant, comfy chair and rests her feet, which are dressed in bright yellow shoes, on a near the area desk.

She suggested that she was going blond for the film when she launched her Insta debut as a blond hair. “And that is what the demon’s child looks like,”

she posted a picture of her in what we assume is a bowler hat, with a Johnny and Clyde tag.

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