Megan Fox’s hot photos are like a piece of Heaven on Earth

Megan Fox just posted another series of ethereal outdoor pics by the talented Cibelle Levi to her Insta, and the look is so angelic in this shoot we thought we went to heaven. In the photos, Megan is standing in a mossy green pond wearing a soaking wet see through white cottagecore maxi dress with a corset top and delicate lace trim. Her long brown hair reached her waist and was strewn with long white feathers.

In the second pic in the carousel, the dress was unzipped in the back and hanging off of her shoulders, revealing her bare booty.

“A fourth house taurus sun,” she captioned her post.

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“Wow these are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen ❤️,” commented a fan.

Megan posted more breathtaking pics yesterday, this time leaning against a tree in the tiniest sparkly green string bikini. She had pink and purple butterflies in her hair, and the same white feathers.

“The trees call me by me name,” she wrote in the caption.

“This is what mother nature looks like,” one user commented.

“Forest fairy,” another fan said.

Her first post of the Mother Nature three part series came three days ago, where she posted more pics in the green bikini, this time crawling on a tree branch.

“The forest is my oldest friend,” she captioned this one.

Her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly left a flirty comment, saying “if this is what a wild animal looks like, i’d let it maul me.”

Megan’s cottagecore dress is so dreamy, and while you’ll probably prefer yours dry, we found some similar styles inspired by her angelic soaking wet photoshoot.

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